the disparity of wealth in america its roots

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NOTE: The first chart shows an acceleration with the inflation and government spending compliments of the end of the phony gold standard in the August 17, 1971 “Nixon Shock”, when the gold conversion window was slammed shut, ending the Bretton Woods accommodation, which then converted the dollar to an “Oil Standard” with the full co-operation of the Saudi’s, who, in their turn bought themselves the United States Military Machine thus dominating and directing American foreign policy in the Middle East since (but that is starting to wear out). The second chart depicts the results of deregulation and decriminalization of financial regulations beginning during the Reagan administration and picking up a big head of steam during the Clinton administration, into Bush lite and on to Barry Soetoro. From mytrannycams:

The 1% Have Gotten CHUMP CHANGE Compared to the .1% … Who In Turn Have Gotten PEANUTS Compared to the .01%
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Wealth Has Gone to the .01% … Much More Than the 1%

Everyone knows that all of the economic growth has gone to the 1%:

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