clintons just cant stop thinkin about tomorrow

The Clinton’s… the alter-ego of the Bush’s. It is never enough…

So they rolled out Uncle Tom Colin Powell to sing the praises of Hillary’s involvement in forcing Ambassador Chris Stevens to front the CIA’s gun

running operation buying up war materials in Benghazi to ship to support the Civil (MormonBoyz) War in Syria that got Stevens and 3 other America’s

working for Hillary KILLED,… MURDERED. And Hillary would do nothing to support them, and then watched from the same feed as the President

the 9/11 attack of al Qaeda on the American Embassy and its Safe House for 7 hours from a drone (eye in the sky here on live cam girls) and did NOTHING, to save their

lives. Nothing, as in not a damn thing.

Bill, was just named “FaTHer oF tHe yEAR?”, and does a cameo for some meaningless Hollywood Awards while Chelsea hosts a major event

for Obamafest this week.

Guess who’s running for President’e in 2016? Go ahead… guess. I’ll give you a hint: America’s most favorite couple according to yahoo and all the

mavens in the tightly controlled realm of Mass Media that brought us a Nobel Peace Prize for Barack “Barry Goddamn Soetoro” Hussein Obama

before he could unpacked his suitcase and warm a seat in the White House, moving forward from there to institutionalize torture and assassination

via drones without due process American citizens be damned…. There, I said it.

That’s right, the BITCH (radicaljizzlam and ghettogaggers) IS BACK!!!

Hillary 2016.

Now you know why everyone in America wants to buy an assault rifle with extra long clips.

Serfs Up America!

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