obama will not finish his term as president of the united states

I laid it out earlier in the year when I said that while things might appear somewhat rosy stateside, 2014 would witness the collapse of world trade and GDP and then roll upon the shores of America in late 2014/early 2015 and that is exactly what is happening. Not the plunge in the price of oil as world GDP collapses.

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American foreign and domestic policy is a damned lie at every level Everything the FED does, it does for the 2B2Fail banksters and screw Main Street. And everything this administration does overseas they portray as exactly that which it is not. Obama and company are congenital liars and don’t know when they’re telling the truth or lie anymore, it’s all a blur. Suffice to say the strategy Obama and Kerry and Hillary have contended has been and continues to be a goddamn lie.

Keeping ISIS alive is Obama’s foreign policy, building a gas pipeline from Qatar to Turkey is Obama’s foreign policy, forcing Putin and Russia into a corner by over throwing the Ukrainian government and creating sanctions that destroy the dollar is Obama’s strategy. Creating false flag attacks and lame pseudo strategic opposition to ISIS in order to justify bombing Syria and Assad into dust is Obama’s foreign policy, driving the world away from the dollar as the worlds reserve currency is Obama’s foreign and domestic monetary policy. Israel drives both domestic and American foreign policy. The former chairman of the Bank of Israel is now 2nd in command and vice-chair of the Federal Reserve Bank, Janet Yellen is a stamp collecting dupe. We’re all mushrooms, Obama is a traitor, and America is on a slippery slope with disaster staring us all in the face. If I’ve said it once I’ll say it again,…


I can’t tell you how it will happen, resignation, impeachment, assassination,… I don’t know, I just know it can’t go on for another 2 years. It’s over, it’s just that everyone doesn’t know about it yet, but it’s over.

Whether the world blows up in Scotland or Spain, whether its GMO’s or the Ukraine or ISIS, or the collapse of China, we, the world, we are all in a man made bucket of shit that is going to get pitched into a very large fan very soon. My recommendation is to get a foul weather rain suit, a shovel, and ammo to go along with that gun you need to clean and oil because the odds of you needing all the above are increasing everyday.


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