Explanation, Strategy & Objectives

“Those who are unaware they are walking in darkness will never seek the light.” – B.Lee


The “Declaration of American Liberty” outlines the bare-bones requirement for restoring Liberty back into the operation of government, and is centered upon restoring the constitutional powers of Congress. By these means, we can restore the nation’s economic health by attaining a financially balanced account, which is achieved by taking these same powers of Congress, back away from the hands of “unprincipled men”, who now operate these powers to their factions favor. This is the very headwater from which the unbalanced and unearned wealth flows, that divides America today.

*   Currently, numerous political groups like Freedomworks, Campaign for Liberty, Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street, and others, have made Liberty a primary goal of their respective operations. This has spawned an infant “Liberty Movement”, to promote and restore Liberty to America and our government.
   It is EANC’s observation that no one had performed a detailed study of Liberty, its history, what it means, and how it is supposed to work. With the Liberty Movement trying to grow, we felt someone needed to identify what exactly needs to be done in order to restore Liberty in the performance and operation of our national, and state governments. This is exactly what the “Declaration of American Liberty” was designed to do, and we believe we are spot on in our assessment of a Liberty-based governmental operating model.

*   Politically, two things happen:
   First, this Declaration allows us to make Liberty our candidate because we have made legislated Political Liberty the singular action and expectation of any candidate who wants our vote.
   Secondly, by doing so, it creates Transparency in all candidates, efficiently, clearly, and inexpensively, which slashes the cost of campaigning. This allows a greater number of qualified American’s to run for Congress, as many good American’s have been kept away from service for this very reason. No longer will a candidate be forced to sell their soul to the plague of lobbyists afflicting America in order to get elected.

*   EANC will be reporting who has signed the Declaration. By promoting only one candidate for Congress and not 535, everyone can stretch an advertising dollar thin enough to cover all of America. Consequently, if a candidate wants the votes of Liberty-loving Americans, all they have to do is sign the Declaration, committing themselves to vote for the specific restoration of Liberty once they are elected to Congress.
   Liberty does the heavy lifting, and EANC follows it up with HM (Hearts & Minds) 535, our Congressional campaign for 2014. Certainly, a candidate will still need to be qualified and will still need to finance a campaign. But it won’t require a million dollars to run for the House, or millions to run for the Senate. If We the People are ever to rule over our government, Liberty as our operating model of government is a must.

*   EANC will share the operation and access to the “Declaration of American Liberty” to all Liberty-minded organizations if they would like to include its specifications in their own efforts. Whether they be Democrats, Republicrats, Libertarians, Tea/Patriots, Occupy Movement, et al, we welcome all.

In the history of politics, never has so much been spent to achieve so little as the 2012 election cycle.

Our Strategy:
   The EANC strategy is to run a radio campaign in secondary markets from now to November 2014, with more moderating voices. It is inexpensive and grassroots. In the Spring of 2014, we will seek to become more mainstream in broadcasting and costs will begin to escalate. From the Summer of 2014 to November, we will aim to spread Liberty on billboards across America, that will feature the BIG RED RESET BUTTON that will electrify and empower all Americans.
   EANC believes this can all be done for a few million dollars.
   Underlying the entire campaign will be our current social media commitment. We are confident that the Declaration of American Liberty & HM 535 is a much more cost-efficient campaign operation and promises a much greater return of success to America.

Our Objective:
America is in systemic failure and soon we will be reaching a crossroad when Americans will be forced to look for the right answer. At this time, EANC intends to provide America the focus to strike at the very center upon which Liberty and tyranny balance and the nation hangs in suspense.
   If this makes sense to you, we need your help. Sign the Declaration, tell your friends, call your Congressman, & donate if you can at www.electanewcongress.com

Serfs Up America!