i dont want this to sound crazy but this is going to sound crazy

When I say written off I mean written off. It’s going to be destroyed, wiped out, snuffed, crushed, somehow, someway, and it’s a done deal and in action today.But first of all check out some of our surprising supporters here:


New York City is going to be destroyed in the biggest, baddest false flag attack ever made by any organization upon the American People in a Pearl Harbor redux and an attempt to throw all America behind the worst cause for war in over 10,000 years. See? I told you it would sound crazy.

Sometime in 2016/17, there will be a massive attack on New York City and it will be destroyed.

And just like 9/11, it will be a production of our shadow U.S. Deep State government and our CIA, NSA, Israel’s Mossad, and a little help from their fiends in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s covert military force, the Ikhwan (al Qaeda) that will supply a few over bred, low IQ, true believers that are passing through life and NYC on their way to paradise and 100 virgins.

The financial capital is diversifying and moving to Chicago where the son of a Mossad terrorist and political shark par excelliance’ Rahm Emanual rules, and by Diebolt, he’ll never give it up. The FED is moving its HFT support and fire suppression team to Chicago, starting it up from just about scratch to be up and running by the summer of 2015. Chicago is the center of the universe when it comes to HFT volume, and the financial and commodity markets are all here too, and well inland away from any kind of attack, false flag or otherwise. It’s also home to the world headquarters of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), that perennial organizer of world domination that’s just across the street from Rockefeller’s University of Chicago, home of Leo Strauss, the father of neoconism and joys of endless war; it’s also home to his alter ego, ‘revolution for the hell of it and it is better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven,’ Saul Alinsky, the ultimate hegalian narcissist who struck it up with Hillary Clinton. Let’s face it, when you get past all the limestone and take a look at who and what has gone on there since its inception, the University of Chicago is really the Gates of Hell. Don’t forget it carries the distinction of having perfected the Federal Reserve Bank, the Atom Bomb, Bill Ayers, Bernadette Dorn, and Barack Obama.

Like I said, this may all sound crazy, but then, that doesn’t mean it’s not the truth.

The smart money is starting to move out of NYC. Goldman Sach’s went to Salt Lake City, strange you say? Not at all. The Mormon’s have always been one to cut a deal with the devil as need be and besides, they’re in; where do you think Marriner Eccles came from? And don’t give me this religious intolerance bullshit, that has nothing to do with it and it still doesn’t change the truth.

You can call me crazy, but I’m just planting a seed in the mind of America, because people in general have the ability to know the truth deep down inside of each one of us, and now you’re going to start watching too. Watch what? Who sells out their real estate would be a good start. I mean, look at the prices. Almost a billion dollars for an apartment? A million to buy a parking spot for your car? It’s absurd and it’s also a top. Another place to keep track is with insurance policies. Just as Larry Silverstein did with the Twin Towers just before 9/11, when he insured them for a few billion if they were destroyed in an attack with a policy he took out just prior to 9/11, the same thing is going to happen as the attack date comes near.

It’s good to be lucky, but it’s luckier to be in the know. Given access (and insurance companies are backed up by the good will and full backing of the people ruled by the U.S. government) and knowing who takes out what kind of policy would be a good to know. Even more importantly, it would be prudent to chart the acceleration of policies leading up to the event, because as the date draws nigh, so will the number of policies written and tip off when the attack will be made. That’s their weakness, their greed; everything is never enough, because they have to have more because their emptiness can never be filled, they are trapped and time is against them.

And so we’ll know when the attack is coming.

The object, at least my objective, is to get people to call these criminals on their plans and cause them to stop and not try to destroy the world, else we take them to trial for treason and capital punishment. You might say, “Bill, your nuts.” But then you’re still going to keep an eye out and an ear to the rail, or the fiber optics in the vernacular of our times. Either way, it’s the best thing I can think of doing at this point for what to me, is an obvious process in action.


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