good news from the united states of goldman sachs belatedly april 1st 2013


(WashingtonDC/Ottawa) The President of the United States of Goldman Sachs, Barry Soetoro Sachs Obama, has just announced the new ambassador to Canada to be none other than his old friend and fundraiser from Chicago, Bruce Heyman, of (where else?), Goldman Sachs. Of course Canada is thrilled to have someone representing the United States of Goldman Sachs that covered much of the northern and western Canada territory for Goldman Sachs. It seems that Canada too, want’s to abandon the French and become part of the United States of Goldman Sachs.

Of course, Bruce Heyman must still make it through the halls of the Senate and the committee has their burners set on high now that their approval rating with all American’s is a whopping 9%. But I, and everyone else at EANC is confident that Congress will follow its pattern of voicing outrage, and they fold their wallets around a fat contribution to their election campaign from (who else? initials GS), and confirm Bruce and his wife Vicki, to become the Ambassadors for the United States of Goldman Sachs to the wanna be nation of Ganada (sachs), a nation in transition.

Bruce and his wife Vicki raised over $1,000,000 for Presidente’ Obama in the 2012 election cycle, having been long time supporters of Barry since he arrived in Chicago as a community organizer. And we do know how Barry and Michele like it when they pay-off one of their big supporters from their ol’Chicago days. Makes my eyes well with a tear of nostalgia. Wow, that hurts. What a poignant memory this is going to be. This one is going in my scrap book, or at least my blog.

Bruce follows a long line of Goldman Sachs principles that are now ambassadors around the world, representing the United States of Goldman Sachs, a rich tradition started by Presidente’ Clinton, carried forward by Presidente’ “W”, and taken over the top by the current Presidente’ of the United States of Goldman Sachs.

It is supected that Bruce will start to develop a banking plan for Canada the mirrors the economic miracle the the ECB recently inflicted upon Cyprus. The members of our Federal Reserve Bank of Goldman Sachs, along with their counterparts in Europe, are rapidly becoming aware that there’s not enough money to print their way out of the solvency debt bomb they’ve created. And seeing that they haven’t looted the bank deposits and life savings of the average citizen yet, confiscation of deposits is now on the menu, just like they did to Bear Stearn’s and Lehman Bros in 2008, followed by the AIG bailout that made all their worthless derivative CDS’s and CDO’s worth MILLIONS! This was followed by TARP and sub zero interest rates (ZIRP). But when you consider that Goldman Sachs is keeping the world safe for the nations billionaires, don’t you really think its worth it? I do!

U.S. ambassador to Canada David Jacobson, who has served as the top U.S. envoy in Ottawa since 2009, is to be succeeded by Bruce Heyman, a longtime Obama fundraiser and Chicago-based partner at the investment firm Goldman Sachs.

Ryan Remiorz / THE CANADIAN PRESS file photo

SERFS UP AMERICA! “GO “F” YOURSELVES.” – your pal, Barry Soetoro Sachs Obama

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