elect a new congress calls for an immediate boycott of the super bowl half time show

Here’s the link to last years Satanic/Illuminati Super Bowl Half-Time Show starring the high priestess of Kabbala, that ever narcissist skank with the crooked teeth, Madonna. Best Porn WebSites and here Horny Cam Girls or here on ghettogaggers

This video has been added to our “Profiles in Liberty” library, and features author and activist, Mark Dice, and his revealing report on last years Super Bowl Half-Time Show that promises to be eclipsed by Beyonce and her squeeze, the immoral and corrupt Jay-Z, trying to climb the ladder of America’s ruling Kleptocratic Elite.

Beyonce’s cretin friend/manager/squeeze Jay-Z??? has a long history of serving up the godless Illuminati and their cult, celebrating it and their Nazi like police state. But hey, don’t believe me, it’s all on the tape. I’ve had it up to here with it all. I don’t want to sound like I’m on a rant, but people think and say what they see and hear, and the Super Bowl Half-Time Shows have become a subversive attempt to brain wash the masses. Somebody has to tweet and retweet this report by Mark Dice and I guess the buck stops here.

Try the Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl during the Half-Time show free on Best Gay Adult Sites It will only take 20 minutes, then you can go back to the start of the 2nd Half.

This was suggested to me by radio personality friend and comrade in the pursuit of Liberty, Louie B Free. I thought it was inspired by genius and the perfect foil to our ruling elite to bend peoples minds.

Come half-time of the Super Bowl, turn to the Animal Channel and punish Pepsi who’s sponsoring this immoral travesty. I personally think it’s revolting that the NFL has sold its soul to the people who rule America, but not wholly unexpected. History is rife with instances where the immoral and corrupt gravitate to the centers of power, infiltrating originally good organizations with influence and money until they’ve turned it into a tool to eviscerate the morals of society.

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I’m just sick of the growing and blatant subversive rule in America today, and I hope everyone else is, too.

Serfs Up America!