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Hearts and Minds 535 (HM 535)

Hearts & Minds 535   (HM 535)


You can call the Capital Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and be transferred.


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Elect A New Congress: Hearts & Minds Campaign 2012 – 2014; HM 535

This campaign started November 7, 2012.   The candidate is Liberty and there is only one message to sell to all 162,000,000 registered America voters, and that is the specific means necessary to attain and preserve Liberty in our government and its regulation.

The strategy is not to support any specific candidate, but to provide the opportunity for the candidate to support Liberty.   By doing so, a number of very positive things happen.

First, the target audience is singular to the message.   It is much easier to sell one unassailable candidate to 162,000,000 registered American voters in a single demographic, than to sell 535 candidates individually to 535 different geographic demographics of roughly 750,000 people in each.

Secondly, it’s also a lot cheaper.   The cost to promote a single candidate nationally exponentially drops the expense of running a campaign,…drastically.  This levels the field between the high-powered money of corporations, unions, lobbyists, and lawyers against the American people.

Thirdly, and most importantly, it is a campaign already in motion, and we don’t have to wait until November 2014 for results.   We are going for the Hearts and Minds of Congress now, today.

Liberty is not that complex to install as the rule over government, in fact it was the original intention of our Constitution.   It simply requires Congress to take back all of its constitutional powers, as specified in The Petition of the Elect A New Congress website http://electanewcongress.com/petition/.

Our objective is to not only make contact and educate all 162,000,000 registered American voters and get them to sign The Petition, but to get all 162,000,000 registered American voters to start calling and emailing Congress to claim the Hearts and Minds of all 535 members of Congress into the cause of Liberty.  O.K. we know that some members of Congress do not have a heart, and some do not possess a mind, and very few a conscious; but those members of Congress are the ones we will need to sweep away in the 2014 elections.

Elect A New Congress at www.electanewcongress.com, will replace our Elect 50/468 campaign, with HM 535 (Hearts & Minds).   We will list contact information of every member of Congress with a URL to both Senate and House, until the next Congress is sworn in.  Then we will try to break them out by state and district along with their full contact information and whether they have signed on to the Petition and all Americans Liberty, and the bounty for all that comes with Liberty .

What we will be asking each and everyone of the 162,000,000 registered America voters to do is to sign The Petition.  Then start contacting their respective Representatives and Senators, demanding that they sign and put The Petition into legislative action.

Imagine a Representative or Senator of Congress receiving 100,000 phone calls, 500,000 emails, and/or 10,000’s of letters demanding Congress vote to take back all of its constitutional powers as delineated in Article I, sec’s 8 & 9, of our United States Constitution, per The Petition.  Many will bend to the will of the people.

It means a whole new governing and financial system based upon the peoples rule over

our government, versus the daily failure of America’s outmoded ruling oligarchy from the top down.

By the time we get to November 2014, the election will have already been decided.  Any members of Congress who resist the tide will have been swept away, and America will have truly Elected A New Congress.  Liberty will rein and prosperity will return to America.

Elect A New Congress Cause

Sign the Petition

Sign the Petition to Elect a New Congress

All American Voters.: Sign the Declaration of Liberty

Demand candidates to Congress to reclaim all Powers (Art I-Sec 8-US Con)


I just signed the following Declaration of Liberty addressed to: All 162,000,000 registered American voters..

Demand candidates to Congress to reclaim all Powers (Art I-Sec 8-US Con)


WHEREAS LIBERTY is defined as that State where the people rule over the government: This Declaration is given to underlining those critical terms required to ensure that Liberty, which is the original intent of our United States Constitution, be restored to the daily governance and operation of our United States Government.
This Declaration of American Liberty supports and is subservient to America’s Declaration of Independence & our U.S. Constitution.
We the People, acknowledge that Liberty requires all powers of the Congress be removed from the access and control of individuals, groups, or agencies; for it is only by usurpation of these powers, that factions gain control over the laws of the land and the lives of her people. It is this criminal and treasonous usurpation of power, that “ is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed.”*
Further, that these restored powers of Congress are to be executed under the authority of all the people, re-establishing not only the power of Congress, but also its fiduciary duty to the people. The incorporation of these procedures inherent to Liberty into our government is a touchstone and the very cornerstone upon which we judge our Liberty.
THEREFORE, We the People, hereby sign and resolve ourselves bind our representatives to, Demand:

Article I.
Complete restoration of all constitutional powers of Congress, back to Congress, as written in our United States Constitution, Article I, Sec. 7, 8, & 9, and so restores operational Liberty in the execution of the business of the nation. This causes two things to occur.
a. Liberty replaces our tyrannical centrally planned state. As a nations political model determines its economic model, so will “Liberty, once taken root, is a plant of rapid growth.”**
b. Liberty, by taking power away from public and private agencies, it removes from power the hands of “unprincipled men”*, and ends their means to transfer wealth away from all Americans. This is America’s problem and enemy. Political Liberty is the only solution.

Article II.
Congress wholly conduct and execute all introduction, discussion, compromise, and vote on all Acts, exercising their powers exclusively within the public forum on the floor of Congress, only thus they ensure;
a. Maximum Transparency in the execution of its duty which provides for,
b. True Consent of the Governed as required by our Declaration of Independence. This is the only means by which the people rule.

Article III.
The Necessary and Proper Clause (Sec 8), requires that the word “Proper” means all legislative and policy laws or decrees must be subject to the same process as any Act of Congress, performed exclusively and wholly within its public forum.

Article IV.
Congress must restore to the states those powers not specifically assigned to the Congress, as Congress, in order to perform its own powers/duties, will be pre-occupied in its reclaimed constitutional performance. This natural restriction of time inherent to these powers/duties will weigh in when there are questions.

Article V.
Prosecution of all criminal and treasonous financial crimes prior to, during, and after the financial upheavals of 2008, must be pursued thoroughly regardless of any high standing or collateral impact.
We the People either live in Liberty, or tyranny. We either rule our government, or be rule. We either all enjoy the bounty of our nation, or we wait for scraps from the hierarchy which rules our money, our lives, and our freedom. For Liberty means nothing if tyranny has one hand in your pocket and the other round your throat.
Liberty and tyranny are in dialectic opposition. Each defines the other by which they are not. Everyone must make their choice, and no decision, is a decision for the status quo of tyranny that afflicts and rules our nation today.
THEREFORE, We the undersigned cast our lot and lives for Liberty.

*George Washington excerpts: Farewell Speech to the Nation, September 19th, 1796
** GW quote.

For more information, go to www.ElectaNewCongress.com.



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